Rule Out Your Problem of Anxiety withEtizolam

Also known as Etizest, Etilaam among others, Etizolam is recognized as a man-made fast-acting depressant compound that belongs to the thienodiazepine class of chemicals. This group results in benzodiazepine-like anxiety suppressing, muscle relaxing, and memory suppressing, and sedating effects when they are administered. Users generally administer this compound sublingually and orally because of the effectuality of these methods. This medication is generally not prescribed and it is not viewed as a controlled drug in many nations across the globe. This is the reason; it is hugely popular as a research chemical alternative for the pharmaceutical benzodiazepines that are generally required for their recreational impacts.

According to anecdotal reports, an Etizolam dosage of 1 mg is equal to 0.5 mg of Xanax, 10mg of diazepam or 0.5mg of clonazepam. This is the reason; it is often being compared to a less powerful and sedating form of alprazolam related to its total duration and recreational potential. This compound is different from other research compounds as it has got approval and it is prescribed for medical treatment for the problem of anxiety in various nations around the world. It is important to remember that people who are physically dependent on this compound must narrow down their dosage gradually instead of stopping the daily intake abruptly.

Proper dosages

The appropriate dosage of this medication is dependent on various factors and among them, the first and the foremost is your personal build-up of body and your speed of metabolism. You must also keep in mind your age plus the seriousness of the disorder you are suffering from. However, there are some dosing guidelines which you have to keep in mind before beginning with this medication. When you begin with a proper dosing guideline, you will be able to keep the chances of side effects at bay. The general guidelines for the dosages are:

  • Light – 0.5-1 milligram
  • Regular or common – 1-2 milligram
  • Strong – 2-5 milligram
  • Heavy – more than 5 milligram

Remember, various dosages will leave dissimilar impacts on your body as well as on the mind. You must take lighter dosages for treating anxiety and stronger dosages should be used for sedation, muscle relaxation, and other effects. The majority of the people aren’t recommended heavy dosage and those people who are inexperienced or have no tolerance should always begin the lowermost effective dosage. Only when they have developed a tolerance towards this medication, can they increase the dosage.

The onset of effects

The onset of the effects of this substance differs from person to person. People who are less experienced or who have got a faster rate of metabolism peak faster compared to those who are experienced. The total duration of Etizolam dosageisof nearly 7 hours and the aftereffects remain present for nearly 24 hours and sometimes beyond that. The primary onset does take only 15-20 minutes and it takes its peak in nearly 1.5 hours to 2 hours. The effects last from 2-3 hours. This medication is ideal for those who are in need of longer periods of respite irrespective of the problem it is treating.